"He is not pathetic at all, can you jump out in front of a man with a weapon? Don't make fun of my knight.[2]"

----Megumi to Reiko

Amatsuka Megumi is the main character and protagonist of the A Cheeky Angel anime and manga. She is a fifteen year old student at the Kengayama High School.

Megumi believes she was originally a boy until the age of 9 before being transformed into a girl by a little demon, Pierrot.[3]

As the series progresses, Megumi is shown to become more feminine, to the point of liking Soga Genzo [4]


Megumi is a very beautiful and slender white-skinned girl with silky fine long straight brown hair, black eyes, long eyelashes and blushing pink lips [5]. Her buttocks is nice, she is soft like a baby chick and have a sweet scent.[6]

As a school girl, she usually wear her school uniform. While not at school she also wears a dress, casual and boyish clothes.


As Megumi believes she was previously a guy, the idea of dating another guy is intimidating and obnoxious to her. However, after spending time as a girl, she begins to feel safer and more comfortable around people like Soga Genzo [7] She eventually works up enough courage to kiss Soga at the end of the Manga, as well as confessing her love for him, being a drastic shift In character. [8]

Megumi likes dress and she take her time to look at it at the store.[9] According to Fujiki Ichiro during a conversation with Hanakain Miki, Megumi is more feminine than a normal girl.[10]

Megumi doesn't hate guys but because men follow her around and do a lot of unpleasant thing around her, she started to think they are small minded and very immature.[11]


Megumi's strongest body part is her legs, her kicks can slice the air[12] Her intuition, speed and accuracy are truly superb. [13]

In terms of physical strength, she was bested by Genzo.


Soga Genzo Edit

Soga is a classmate of Megumi and the man she ultimately picks at the end. He is referred to as an idiot by Megumi, however, he still chases her. He joines the “Megu-chan protection club” early on.

Aliases Edit

Megumi is called Angel by pepole in city and many male students at high school, Meg in English version (or Megu in Japanese version) and Princess or Megu-chan by Genzou. Others have referred to her as Goddess on occasions.


  • Megumi to Genzo
    • Idiot! If kicking you makes me a friend. You'd have a lot of friends in Karate! [14]
  • Megumi to Hajime
    • I'ts alright you can do it. You're kind. I know you tried to protect me last time. I know what you had in mind, You can only be kind if you're strong at heart. You are a strong person.


  • The name Megumi means "favor, benefit" or "love, affection".
  • Body Measurement:[15]
    • Breast Size: 85 cm
    • Waist Size: 53 cm
    • Hip Size: 85 cm



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