Megumi Amatsuka (middle female) Hitomanji Kobayashi (bottom left corner male) Genzo Soga (second from right edge male) Tasuke Yasuda (near top edge male) Ichiro Fujiki (below Yasuda male), Miki Hanakain (farthest right female)

This is for character links and small amounts of information about characters in Cheeky Angel.

Main Character BiosEdit

Megumi AmatsukaEdit

Megumi Amatsuka is the main character and protagonist of the story.

She is a beautiful person, who has many admirers, and even an admirer club.

She holds a secret only her best friend knows... she is actually a he.

Megumi wished upon a magic book to become the man of man, but the spell reversed and turned him/her into a girl.

she tossed the book into the river in anger, and since then, has been trying to find the book.

Genzou SogaEdit

Genzou Soga is one of the main characters of the story.

He falls in love with Megumi

He is one of the friends of Megumi and follows Megumi everywhere.

Miki HanakainEdit

Miki Hanakain is the best Friend of Megumi Amatsuka.

She was there when Megumi was changed in a girl.

She hopes that Megumi remains a girl.

Hitomonji KobayashiEdit

Hitomonji Kobayashi is a mysterious person.

He is trained as a bushi by his grandfather.

Ichirou FujikiEdit

Ichirou Fujiki is the average guy of the group.

He also falls in love with Megumi.

Tasuke YasudaEdit

Tasuke Yasuda is a proud Otaku and pervert.

He stalks Megumi everywhere and hide in various unexpected places.

Keiko TanakaEdit

Keiko Tanaka hates Megumi, because people find that Megumi is more beautiful than her.

She tries to prove that she is more feminine than Megumi.

Yoshimi ShirasagiEdit

Yoshimi Shirasagi is Keiko´s friend and follows here around everywhere.

She finds everythong fantastic about Keiko.

Tsubasa AmatsukaEdit

Tsubasa Amatsuka is Megumi's mother. Her work requires her to travel around the world, so she's rarely home.

Megumi's FatherEdit

Megumi´s father act likes a pervert.


Yoriko is Megumi´s housemaid.

Minor CharactersEdit


Roku KimuraEdit

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