"I wanted to endure all the hardships and make you happy. I swore that to the world."

----Fujiki thinking of marrying Megumi

Ichiro Fujiki is another classmate of Megumi Amatsuka, as well as part of the “Megu-chan protection club”. He is called “Normal” or “Average” most of the time. He is a student at the "Kengayama High School."


Fujiki was born an average student and was ordinary on everything he did. He is always a part of weird group, No matter who he tried to talk to, he always lacked confidence and each time his heart was broken.[1]


Fujiki have a short brown hair and droppy eyes. As student he always seen wearing his school uniform. Outside the school he usually wear a casual clothing.


Fujiki is a kind and average person. He always compare himself to others and he always lacked at confidence.


As an arerage/normal person, he have a normal skills.



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