"Aren't you being too picky, whether you're a guy or a girl? Well you were suddenly changed into a girl, so I guess you can't help it. It doesn't matter whether you're a guy or a girl. We were all drawn to you and gathered. Even if you were a guy or a girl, I still would have been interested in you. [1]"

----Hitomonji to Megumi

Hitomonji Kobayashi is a main character in "A Cheeky Angel" anime and manga. He is a student at the "Kengayama High School," class 1-B.[2]


As a 15 year old Kobayashi is tall, probably as tall as Soga Genzo. He has black hair and eyes. He is a good looking young man which attract a lot young girls.

As a student, he usually seen wearing School uniform. Outside the School he wear casual clothing.


Kobayashi is righteous and is willing to do what is right, even sacrificing his life for it. He is concern about how to make people laugh and have a difficulty to do it. He


As a trained Bushi, he is strong, agile and is quick to dodge any attack and use sword as his weapon.

Although he was trained as a Bushi, he acts like a Ninja.


  • Hitomonji to Megumi
    • Acting like you're so great. Anyone would feel hurt with words like that. Are you that great of a person? You should think what other feel. Especially to a guy, how would he feel if a girl tells things like that?



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