"I understand, if that's what you want to do, then I will become a girl.[1]"

----Genzo to Megumi (Megumi wants to become a boy)

Genzo Soga is one of the main characters of the "A Cheeky Angel and a 15 year old [2] student boy who falls in love with Megumi Amatsuka. He is a student at the "Kengayama High School."


In the past, when he was a 9 years-old boy he was beaten by another boy called Megumi after a fight. But he didn't know Megumi was a boy. He was also hit by a car but unhurt.

Genzo was graduated from Sekigeki Junior High then come to Ouse High School and gets involve in a fights. After losing once to a guy during his elementary school days, he hasn't lost since but he lost to Megumi so it ended.

In a famous incident in junior high, all his followers got beat up, but he took care the gang members himself. When the cops came and the gang split he went after the leader. That was when he first entered junior high at age of 12.

Even though he didn't have the looks, for some reason he was popular with girls, his only forte is physical strength. He earn a title "The Evil Emperor of Darkness," the theory behind that title is that after he fights his hair stands up and looks like crown.[3]

In the present day, Genzo doesn't have any interest in all girls, except Megumi, the most beautiful girl and his love interest.[4]


Genzo's hair is spiky and is colored with two tones, white with black roots. His eyes is black and sharp. As a teenager, he is s pretty tall with height of 189cm[5] and he have a masculine body. As a student, he is usually seen wearing his school uniform with black shirt inside.


Genzo is a short tempered and a violent young man. As long as Megumi is concern he doesnt think twice and he will do anything for her welfare and happiness, as a result of this, Genzo ended up making a lot of unwise decision and putting himself into danger.

He says what on his mind directly without any fear, telling she loves Megumi in front of his School mates and asking Megumi's Father for Megumi's hand. For Yasuda Tasuke, Genzo is an Professor of rebel.[6]

Genzo like to pick up any thing that he think is interesting for him.


Genzo is physically strong. His punch can knocked out a person instantly.[7]


  • "Enemy of all women" by everybody.
  • "Deadly Bug" by Fujiki
  • "Akuma" by Miki
  • "Stupid" by Megumi


  • Genzo to Megumi
    • A romance as warm as roasted chestnuts...
    • If you go back to being a guy with that book, then I'll do the opposite. [8]
  • Genzo to himself
    • For a guy, no matter what he does or what he hear, as long as he is bold, he'll look cool.ref>Episode 7</ref>


  • After he was save by Megumi twice, he deeply fall in love with her.
  • Genzo is one day older than Megumi.

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