"If there's a mountain, I'll climb it, if the're shoes, I'll smell them."

----Yasuda to Fujiki

Tasuke Yasuda is another member of the “Megu-chan Protection Club". He is a blatant pervert, taking multiple pictures of Megumi without consent. He is a student at the "Kengayama High School."


Tasuke have black hair and eyes. He can be popular to girls if he want to since he is a cute boy but prefer not to. As a student he is always seen wearing school uniform. Outside the school he wear casual clothing. He always wear his glasses whenever he go. His physical built and height are small


Yasuda is a pervert. He is interested to Megumi and Miki. For Yasuda, it is okay to become a servant or a dog for Megumi or Miki as long as he can be with them. He actually couldn't stand to two beautiful women at once and it cause him to nosebleed.[1]


Although his physical strength is weak, he is a smart young boy.



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